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Mid Iowa Tools delivers choices that matter to your workforce, the environment, and your bottom line. Because of our committment to customer cost-savings, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve working conditions and simplify the job by eliminating dust or noise, reducing total costs by increasing the number of parts finished in an abrasive application, and considering the ergonomics of the application to improve worker comfort. As a full-line distributor, you can count on us to offer all the grinding, cutting, blending, finishing and polishing solutions you need.


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Key Abrasive Products & Manufacturers Represented


Bonded-Resinoid, Rubber & Vitrified

  • Buffalo Abrasives
  • Norton Company
  • Pacific Grinding Wheels
  • Pearl Abrasives
  • Red Hill Grinding Wheels
  • Sticks & Stones
  • Sait

Buffing & Polishing


Depressed Center Wheels

Diamond, Borazon Wheels & Saws

  • Amplex Diamond
  • Citco Operations-Landis Grinding Systems
  • Norton Company
  • Universal Superabrasives

Mounted Points