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Why Mid Iowa Tools? Because we tailor our services to your unique needs. We don't believe in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach.

We offer a full menu of service options that are known or custom created as the needs of your sites are demonstrated.

Mid Iowa Tools provides dozens of industrial vending and inventory solutions that are suited to achieve your goals. Over 20,000 vending installations combined by our represented manufacturers in over 40 countries.

Gloves, batteries, abrasives, cutting-tools, measuring instrumentation, power tools, bulk supplies or a single fastener... there is no limit to our automated inventory management.



Vending and inventory management programs are just the beginning. For qualifying accounts we provide documented cost-saving reporting. Hard, soft...realized and unrealized...all forms of strategic reporting can be accomplished. Some of the cost improvement elements include:

  • Consumption Reports by item, customer location and storeroom.
  • Nomenclature Standardization
  • Identification of critical parts common to multiple locations
  • Identification of Opportunities for Volume Aggregation
  • Operations Reports
  • Identification of Opportunities for Parts Standardization
  • Product testing
  • Product training

Worth remembering is that anybody can "offer" vending, VMI and cost-savings.  The key difference is Mid Iowa Tools' first-in-class support & service dedicated to sustaining your cost-savings.


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